• Sr.Dolores Sr.Annie Babu
    Sr. Dolores (CASS) & Annie Babu (Swanthanam):

    We are associated with MPCES since the past 10 years. We represent CASS (Cancer and AIDS Shelter Society) and Swanthanam - Society for the welfare of Children. Our aim is to select one child in every family who will be taught to his or her best possible ability and pursue their career most effectively. Our association with MPCES is because they share our sentiments and have also been instrumental in supporting our cause to their best possible limits and means. Through MPCES, many of our children who were selected on the basis of merit and means have acquired high positions in the society and are also passing out of some of the leading educational institutions.

  • Manipur

    We are from a totally different cultural background. We were very apprehensive about studying outside our state due to the various differences in our language, culture, dress code and so on. We completed our studies in Mangalore at Alva’s. We never felt out of place at Mangalore since MPCES provided a good role in supporting us in our all round development during our 4 year stay here. We believe strongly that MPCES gives priority to students who come for studies from the North Eastern states. Hence we are happy to study in Mangalore.

  • Muneera, Ist Yr E & C

    I did not want to trouble my parents by getting into an engineering college with high tuition fees. On enquiring with my friends, I heard about MPCES who provides us with an admission in a reputed college at a very affordable fees and good quality of education through entrance tests. I hence studied hard in my 12th standard and attained a very good percentage which helped me get an admission at Heera with the help of MPCES.

  • Jackline Sujaya
    Jackline And Sujaya -Teachers

    We were in a dilemma after our B. Sc Nursing to get a job suitable to our needs. That was when we heard about MPCES. We got a job at Vidyarathna College of Nursing as lecturers at a very good salary. We thank MPCES for all the support and timely help provided to us.

  • Justin Jose 1st yr Electrical Engineering

    I am a student from Trivandrum. I finished my 12th here and was helped acquire a free seat for Engineering. I must say that MPCES is the only reason I got a free seat since they recognized my effort of having attained high marks in my 12th standard examinations. I am thankful to MPCES indeed.

  • Mansamol Ammu-Alex
    Mansamol P H, Ammu Alex-Internship 2014-15, CSON

    We happened to attend a career guidance program conducted by MPCES at our hometown. Through this program we were able to understand about the various courses that are available under Nursing. Under the guidance of MPCES, we have been well placed at a renowned Nursing institution to study General Nursing in Mangalore and successfully completed our course and working as interns now. MPCES never hesitates to help students pursue their higher education. Thank you MPCES!! .

  • Jincy Jacob Divya Jiji
    Jincy Jacob, Divya Divakaran, Jiji Babu - 4th B.Sc, UDCON

    We always wanted to pursue our B. Sc degree in the field of Nursing since many of our friends and relatives were in this field. However, due to financial constraints we could only opt for GNM Nursing. MPCES was instrumental in identifying our need of the hour and helped us to study B. Sc Nursing and get our entire tuition fees of 4 year’s study as scholarship and also helped us with the timely emotional and financial backup.

  • Daniel Verghese

    I have been associated with MPCES since many years. From the time I have lived in Dublin, I have referred many children of my friends and relatives to study various courses in Mangalore through MPCES. They have thanked me for this reference since they were well placed through MPCES and are now well settled in their lives.

  • Jeffrey

    We are settled in the USA. Since the standard of education is very good and affordable in India, especially in Mangalore, we were referred to MPCES by a friend. To be frank, we had not even been to the city or even visited the college before taking admission. MPCES helped us in selecting the right college for my son, ensured the smooth transition of all the admission procedures and also helped my son get well settled to his new surroundings at Yenepoya University. I am indeed thankful to MPCES. .

  • Kevin's Parents

    We are from the UAE. We always wanted Kevin to pursue his higher studies in India. Through our friends and colleagues in Ras Al Khaima, we came across details about MPCES. On enquiring, since many of my friends’ children had already got into various professional courses through MPCES, we got our son admitted into Nitte University in Mangalore. Kevin never felt out of place since the climate in Mangalore is pleasant and he also have a lot of friends from UAE studying with him and also in various other colleges in Mangalore. The whole process of admission was done in ease, thanks to MPCES!

  • Dr.Harsha & Dr.Varsha:

    Our relationship with MPCES has always been one that can be remembered and cherished all our lives. Through MPCES, we have learnt a lot of values that can be imbibed in our lives and also imparted in other people’s lives. They have undertaken many social welfare activities like blood donation, organ donation camps, student welfare programmes and continuing education with the support of various professional colleges and dioceses in and around Mangalore city.

  • Tittle Varghese:

    I will always remember the services rendered by MPCES because, if not for this organization I would never have made up my mind to select the right course, because of which I am now well settled in Auckland, New Zealand. Thanks a lot!!!.

  • Lalu Aliyas

    When I first came to Mangalore from Houston, Texas in the USA, I was finding it difficult to choose the right college to pursue my career. MPCES has been very instrumental in helping me chase my dreams by getting me a seat at Sahyadri group of Institutions. I am now back in the USA but still keep in touch with MPCES since I trust them to handle all my paperwork that I require for my NCLEX- RN Examination in the States and for my job by handling it in a very professional fashion without causing any delay in processing.

  • B. Tech Batch 2014-15

    Even though we secured 90% and above in our board examinations, we were unable to pursue a career in the engineering field due to the high expenses incurred. Thanks to MPCES who identified our skill set and provided us with free seats at Heera College of Engineering by conducting entrance examinations. .

  • Ex-Team MPCES:

    We studied in Mangalore and were closely associated with all the ongoing activities of MPCES as volunteers. We are deeply indebted to MPCES for helping us improve our overall confidence as youth. Thanks to MPCES, we are now working under the Ministry of Defence in Kuwait. We shall always remain a part of the MPCES family and wish them luck in all their future endeavors..

  • Social Welfare:

    We are students from Udupi selected through the Social Welfare Board for merit seats to study GNM. Through MPCES we have been able to take up various initiatives in our college campus such as cleaning the campus drive, providing tuitions for the academically weak students, World Heart Day and organizing various extracurricular activities like sports day, talent programmes and so on. This helps in the overall development of the students.

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