News Updates 28-09-2014 10:30 PM: Mangalore Professional Colleges Educational Society.

Welcome to Colleges In Mangalore

For many years MPCES has been a gateway to many students for providing quality educational facilities, scholarships, financial support, stipends and educational loans.

MPCES is a one stop solution for all your educational needs since 2003. MPCES is an association between a group of eminent personalities and the prominent college managements of Mangalore and Udupi. MPCES team comprises of Educationists, Doctors, Nurses, PhDs, MBAs, CAs, bankers and consultants, who bring their experiences and perspectives and are unified by the common vision of improving the society. Founded with an objective of making quality higher education reachable to all sections of the society, MPCES has spread its wings now to bring under its fold other social activities like providing food and medical care for the needy, promoting blood donation and organ donation, providing free education, scholarships, etc.

One of MPCES key operational area is promoting higher education. Good Education lays a strong foundation which helps in the overall development of the next generation who play a key role in facilitating growth of our country and our future..

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